Liu Bolin
Target - Migrants (2015)
Ink-jet print
31,5 x 78,7 / 23,6 x 59 in
Edition of 6

Cod. 55
-'Liu Bolin. Hiding in Florence', Maretti Editore, 2023, page 113, ISBN 9788893970952.
-'Liu Bolin. Visible/Invisible', curated by Beatrice Benedetti, Milan, 2019, Pages 74-75, ISBN 9788866484318.
- 'Hiding to Know. Liu Bolin', curated by Raffaele Gavarro, essays by Raffaele Gavarro, Beatrice Benedetti, Francesca Tarocco and Liu Bolin, Arthemisia Books, Grafiche Aurora, Verona, 2018, Page 152-153, ISBN 9788885773035.

«In the artwork Migrants that belongs to the Target series - says Liu Bolin - I chose to put a boat on which they were transported four hundred people. It is hard even to imagine the physical and psychological pressure suffered by men and women during these journeys. I would like to draw attention to these events, showing the imperfection of humanity». The shot was made with some of the survivors ships moored at the port of Catania and with around twenty of African migrants. A warning to all, with a breath of faith. «In my work - says Liu Bolin - migrants disappear in front of this and three other boats moored. The disappearance evokes the evanescent relationship between life and death. My intent, however, is to favor attention to life and give hope».

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