Liu Bolin
Hiding in the city - The Hope (2015)
Ink-jet print
44,3 x 59 / 35,4 x 47,2 in
Edition of 6

Cod. 57
-'Liu Bolin. Hiding in Florence', Maretti Editore, 2023, page 115, ISBN 9788893970952.
-'FUTURO. Arte e società dagli anni Sessanta a domani', curated by Luca Beatrice and Walter Guadagnini, Edizioni Gallerie d'Italia Skira, Milan, 2020, page 137, ISBN 9788857244044.
-'Liu Bolin. Visible/Invisible', curated by Beatrice Benedetti, Milan, 2019, Pages 76-77, ISBN 9788866484318.
-'Hiding to Know. Liu Bolin', curated by Raffaele Gavarro, essays by Raffaele Gavarro, Beatrice Benedetti, Francesca Tarocco and Liu Bolin, Arthemisia Books, Grafiche Aurora, Verona, 2018, Page 154, ISBN 9788885773035.

On the South Pier, at the Port of Catania, is recovered aground the first boat that in 2013 carried migrants from Africa to the coasts of Catania. Among them, six children Egyptians, exhausted for the trip on that vessel, were tragically drowned trying to reach the seashore, a few meters far from the Lido Beach Green (Lido Verde). Liu Bolin chose to merge his body with the wreck and the history of which he is a silent witness for his first shot of the Migrants project.

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