Liu Bolin
Target - Blue Europe (2015)
Ink-jet print
39,4 x 78,8 / 29,5 x 59 in
Edition of 6

Cod. 56
-'Liu Bolin. Hiding in Florence', Maretti Editore, 2023, page 105, ISBN 9788893970952.
-'Liu Bolin. Visible/Invisible', curated by Beatrice Benedetti, Milan, 2019, Pages 72-78-79, ISBN 9788866484318.
-'Hiding to Know. Liu Bolin', curated by Raffaele Gavarro, essays by Raffaele Gavarro, Beatrice Benedetti, Francesca Tarocco and Liu Bolin, Arthemisia Books, Grafiche Aurora, Verona, 2018, Page 149, ISBN 9788885773035.

In this shot by Liu Bolin the survivors involved in the project Migrants were painted with the same pantone of the European Union’s flag. By not inserting the stars, Liu Bolin wanted to capture a situation constantly developing, the Union’s future, which includes not twelve nations anymore, or twenty seven, but an UE’s expansion that adds North Africa or the African countries from where these people come from. What makes this picture even more impressive is the fact that Liu Bolin portraited the migrants posing as a contemporary secular Pietà. These are the words of Liu Bolin about Blue Europe: «No matter what is their religion, ethnicity or from which country the migrants are, all of them are camouflaged with the same blue background while they perform a gesture that has to do with their spirituality. I wanted to show the opportunity of changing, or how this present generation may move from Africa to Europe and live happily».

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