Liu Bolin
Sala Bianca, Palazzo Pitti, Florence (2022)
Ink-jet print on aluminium panel
26,8 x 35,4 / 35,4 x 47,2 / 44,3 x 59 in
Edition of 6

Cod. 81
-'Liu Bolin. Hiding in Florence', Maretti Editore, 2023, page 25, ISBN 9788893970952.

There is no other room like the White Room (Sala Bianca) at Palazzo Pitti and it's precisely why Liu Bolin set one of the Hiding in Florence performance here. It acquired its current aspect after the arrival of the House of Habsburg-Lorraine. The eleven crystal chandeliers harmonically match the pastel white stuccoes, giving the room a unique, elegant look. Initially,the room was used for the official meetings of the Houses of Lorraine and Savoy. In 1948, it was used again for the first time for a fashion show, and then again in 1952 when Giovan Battista Giorgini chose it as the venue of an important event that made Italian fashion known worldwide. The sofisticated look of the White Room (Sala Bianca) was the perfect setting for Italian designers who continued to choose it as location for their fashion shows. Almost unchanged and a place of eternal beauty, the White Room has promoted for years the prestigious aura of Italian fashion. In 2023, the artwork has become part of the permanent collection of the Uffizi Gallery, which features the largest collection of self-portraits in the world.

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