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Emilio Isgrò, Una indivisibile minorata, book and mixed media, 77 x 103 cm, 2010.

On Friday June 17th, at the State University of Milan, the new biannual magazine “Arte e diritto”, edited by Giuffrè Lefebvre, will be presented.

The driving force behind the project is the dialogue between the world of art and that of law. In fact, it is currently difficult to find authoritative voices that address the multiple perspectives and events surrounding art law.

The journal “Arte e Diritto” aims to fill this lack of written and reliable references by strengthening the exchange between art professionals and lawyers.

This first volume includes, to name a few, the contributions of Sharon Hecker, Michele Vanzetti, Gianfranco Trovatore, Andrea Berenghi and Luisa Mensi.

The cover image is an artwork by Emilio Isgrò, titled Una indivisibile minorata (2010), already exhibited by Galleria Gaburro, in which the artist cancels the pages of the constitutional text. An important series, the one from which the work is drawn, which wants us to look with a different gaze at the Constitution, a document that belongs to us historically, socially and culturally. The Isgrò’s artwork introduces the issues addressed by the magazine significantly, which we will have the opportunity to deepen from today.