Liu Bolin. Fade in Italy

From 13/05/2014 To 21/05/2014

"FADE IN ITALY" - 13-21 MAY 2014

From 13 to 21 May 2014, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin returned to Italy for a new series of photographs of performances dedicated to the country.

After the Hiding in Italy project of 2008, which examined the settings and masterpieces of Italian art – and went on display in 2012 at the H.C. Andersen Museum of GNAM in Rome – in Fade in Italy, the Chinese artist focused on the manufacturing resources of the country, with a view to continuing the promotion of excellence of the “Made in Italy” label.

Identifying five key values for which Italy is known the world over, he chose companies and places that have become symbols of Italian production, turning them into stages for his performances.

Museo Ferrari | Design and Technology

The Museo Ferrari preserves the past and present of a legend in car-making, a perfect blend of design and technology, created by the fusion of research and its own historical roots. Here the emphasis is on the philosophy and vision behind the legend of the prancing horse.

Tod’s Group | Fashion, Creativity and Craftsmanship

With a history dating back a century and deep roots in its land, the company combines the craftsmanship of tradition with cutting-edge creativity. The focus is on the added value and excellence of its “Made in Italy” label.

Ristorante Al Pompiere and Cantine Masi | Lifestyles

The Italian lifestyle is closely linked to the rituals of gourmet delights, as we see in the setting of a shot taken in the heart of the historic restaurant Al Pompiere.

The fame of Italian cuisine is also enhanced by companies that export the prestige of the country’s wine traditions: the Cantine Masi bring out the best of modernity from the ancient world of fine wines such as Amarone.

Biblioteca Civica Di Verona, Sala Della Teologia | Culture

The literature and poetry preserved in our libraries constitute a multi-layered interdisciplinary treasure trove, forming the foundations for development and also for production.


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