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Marco Cingolani, born in Como (1961), but always active in Milan, can be defined without rhetoric a “master of color”. In his works, color often becomes a continuous series of overlaps, nuances and scratches, transparencies next to timbre zones, color that covers other color, adding tones and blurs. In 2009 he was among the artists invited to represent Italy at the Venice Biennale. In 2011, when he turned 50, its city of origin dedicates him an anthology diffused in three public spaces.

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2x10 Ten artists for our 20-year birthday

From 03/10/2015 To 31/01/2016

Marco Cingolani. Journeys of faith

From 21/02/2009 To 30/04/2009
Exhibition's curator Pia Capelli

Senza Trucco

From 28/05/2005 To 20/07/2005
Boxart Gallery, Verona

I vizi capitali

From 02/11/2002 To 31/01/2003
Boxart Gallery, Verona

Società Anonima del Colore

From 22/09/2001 To 25/11/2001
Boxart Gallery, Verona
Exhibition's curator Luca Beatrice

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