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With his painting Gian Marco Montesano (Turin, 1949) revisits in a postmodern key the popular tradition depicting the Madonnas and the sacred images, but covering them with conceptual and theoretical meanings. Montesano is known to the audience to reread the dramatic and crucial years of the formation of Europe during the Twentieth Century until the time of its crisis. In 2009 he was invited, together with other artists, to represent Italy at the Venice Biennale.

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Senza Trucco

From 28/05/2005 To 20/07/2005
Boxart Gallery, Verona

Gian Marco Montesano. Le porte des Brumes

From 15/01/2005 To 28/02/2005
Exhibition's curator Luca Beatrice

I vizi capitali

From 02/11/2002 To 31/01/2003
Boxart Gallery, Verona

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