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Emilio isgrò (Barcelona, 1937) is a Sicilian artist, but also an essayist, playwright and poet, who moved to Milan a little more than a teenager. Known as the father of "Erasure", whose birth date 1964, blackens words and images not to destroy them, but to preserve them, in this redundant era of media «so overwhelming to make us in fact blind».

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Emilio Isgrò

From 30/07/2017 To 29/09/2017
Chiesa della Madonna del Duomo Vecchio, Arezzo
Exhibition's curator Fabio Migliorati

2x10 Ten artists for our 20-year birthday

From 03/10/2015 To 31/01/2016

Emilio Isgrò. Modello Italia (2013 - 1964)

From 20/06/2013 To 06/10/2013
Exhibition's curator Angela Rorro

Emilio Isgrò. The Constitution Deleted

From 27/11/2010 To 31/01/2011
Exhibition's curator Marco Bazzini

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