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Details of the artwork Spessore 001, 80x56x1cm, enamel on woow, 2020

Galleria Gaburro hosts for the first time a solo exhibition of Danilo Bucchi (Rome, 1978) entitled Volumi. The exhibition, curated by Bernardo Pinto de Almeida, presents unpublished large-format canvases and a completely innovative site-specific project. The exhibition, which will open on Thursday 11 May and will be open until 29 July 2023, is characterized by the return to black and white - the two non-colours - which represent, in a new version, the most authentic way the poetics of the artist.  The use of a new material, able to give an effect of liquidity, offers a surprisingly three-dimensional result, created by the contrast between volume, gloss and opacity of the canvas.

The title Volumi refers to the dualism between the musicality of the work and the fluidity of the subjects that the artist uses to lay out on the canvas and which, seen as a whole, give back at a glance the whole simultaneity of the parts, contributing to the art piece’s harmony.

The exhibition is organized with the cooperation of Studio Arte 15 and under the patronage of the Portoguese Embassy.