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Liu Bolin during the live perfomance, 8 march 2023

On the International Women's Day, at the Gaburro Gallery in Milan it took palce an initiative with a strong political and social message.

Liu Bolin (Shandong, 1973) realised a live performance inspired by Iranian women’s protests that are stirring up the squares of the Middle Eastern nation.

The project has been realised thanks to the contribution of actress and activist Melania Dalla Costa, testimonial of the 2019 United Nations’ campaign (UNICRI) and involves Nasibe Shamsaei, photographed during a protest in front of the Ambassy of Iran, in Istanbul, cutting her hair.

Nasibe, within Liu Bolin’s project, becomes a symbol of the thousands of women who fight every day for their own freedom. 

Ten Iranian women took part in the realization of the artwork, conceived by Liu Bolin, reinforcing the meaning of the gesture and highlighting how art can still encourage a reflection on important contemporary themes.

Differently from Hiding in Italy, in which Liu Bolin camouflages in the surrounding context, in the series Target the people involved become an integral part of the project and part of the final artwork as well, in an active co-participation that is consistent with the theme considered.

The shot will be exhibit in Milan (Cerva 25 Street), until 30 April.