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Yesterday, at the opening of the 79th Venice International Film Festival, the historic boat Edipo Re sailed. 

On board with Emilio Isgrò's artwork "La Vela"

He did it with a special sail, designed by Emilio Isgrò, in collaboration with The Venice Venice Hotel.

The boat is still today a symbol of significant and constructive encounters, of open and daring creativity. He welcomed the crossings of Pier Paolo Pasolini and other visionary intellectuals, but it is mainly to him, to the hundred years that separate us from his birth, that the artwork La Vela is dedicated. The Greek text is imprinted like a living page on the horizon, but Isgrò leaves only two of his words, probably the ones we would least expect “Edipo tyrant.

The artist have cancelled the others, confirms himself the master of erasure.

A tribute to the past and at the same time a focus on the contemporary that needs moving towards an inclusive participation that generates thoughts.

Everything is driven by the wind of the Lagoon, near the shores of Isola Edipo. An innovative space that offers concerts, talks, performances and sustainable events, an unexpected place that has the potential to dialogue with art and the whole community.