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Liu Bolin, Soft Drink, Ink-jet print , 2013

The MAN of Nuoro inaugurates, from 8th July, the exhibition “SENSORAMA. The look, the things, the deceptions. From Magritte to Augmented Reality”, a major project dedicated to the theme of gaze and perception, vision and illusion.

An invitation to come back to look, always in different ways, to train your eyes and to ask yourself what is behind a vision, what is real and what is not.

And this through art. In a world that often makes us feel obliged to homologate, the artists present in the exhibition invite us to question ourselves, to compare ourselves, to discover different perspectives.

Precisely from the title chosen for the exhibition we understand how much the relationship between our gaze and reality is at the basis of the initiative: in fact, Sensorama is considered by many to be the first machine for Virtual Reality in history, created by American director Morton Heilig in 1957. From the origins of cinema with Méliès, through the artistic avant-garde of Léger, Man Ray, Picabia and Duchamp, we arrive at experimental and digital art with works specially designed for museum spaces.

Among the artists who have always investigated the theme of perception is Liu Bolin, present with the works Soft Drinks (2013) and Piazza di Spagna (2018).

His performances fit perfectly into the curatorial concept, constructed like a trompe-l’œil, in which we hardly distinguish the presence of the artist within the space, the context, the background.

A boost to pause, to look more closely, to discover where and how the human is integrated with the world; exactly what this unexpected exhibition aims to do.


“SENSORAMA. Lo sguardo, le cose, gli inganni. Da Magritte alla realtà aumentata”

Curated by di Chiara Gatti e Tiziana Cipelletti

8 July – 30 October, 2022

Man, Nuoro