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We are glad to announce the opening of our brand new exhibition space in Milan, in conjunction we have decided to renew the gallery's identity evolving in Galleria Gaburro to express in the best way possible the personality of whom represents it.

In a time of financial difficulty, marked by so many closures in our field, we have decided to invest in a new project in the heart of Lombardy's main city, capital of fashion, design and finance, from the very beginning incubator of creativity and a contemporary city committed to internationality.

The new exhibition space will open to the public from Thursday May 27th and protagonists of this new project kick off will be the long-time represented artists of the gallery, of whom will be exhibited about fifteen artworks.

Emilio Isgrò, father of the “erasure”, conceptual gesture of negation capable of giving back value and meaning to the words.

Hermann Nitsch, master of Viennese Actionism and founder of Theatre of Orgies and Mysteries famous for his performances.

Marco Cingolani, artist who uses the power of colour to paint the dreams and the discoveries of the human epos.

Daniel Spoerri, inventor of Eat Art and Snare-Pictures, one of the founding fathers of Nouveau Réalisme.

Liu Bolin, Chinese performer internationally renowned, known to the general public for his camouflage in which he disappears into the background becoming a part of it.

Galleria Gaburro
Via Cerva 25, 20122, Milan
Tuesday - Saturday, 10.00-13.00, 15.30-19.30
Tel. 02 99262 529