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Exhibition view Facing America: Mario Schifano 1960-65

On display at Center for Italian Modern Art of New York — an exhibition space opened in 2013 in SoHo to promote and study Italian modern and contemporary art — a solo show dedicated to Mario Schifano and hi relationship with the United States of America. The Italian artist landed in USA for the first time in 1962, and then he went back in 1963 for six months and in 1970, when he traveled all across the States in order to make a movie, Laboratorio Umano, which was never realized.

During these times he came in touch with Andy Warhol's Factory, which had a deep influence Schifano's painting, that  went fro informal istances to a new  figuration connected to Pop iconography.
The exhibit focuses on this evolution of Schifano's work.
On display 25 artworks from 1959 to 1965, amongst which the monochrome, the Numeri (Numbers), the Propaganda, the Indicazioni (Indications), the En plein air, the Futurismo rivisitato (Futurism revised).

Mario Schifano
Facing America: Mario Schifano 1960-65
curated by Francesco Guzzetti
26 January - 5 June 2021
CIMA - Center for Italian Modern Art
421 Broome Street, 4TH FL, 
New York, NY 10013
Tel : 646 370 3596
Info: italianmodernart