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Hermann Nitsch, Action n 50, 1975, printing on photo paper, 50 x 64,5 cm

The documentary La Rivoluzione siamo noi (Arte in Italia 1967-1977), after being presented during the last Torino Film Festival, will be available starting in January till the end of 2021 on several online platforms su amongst which Apple Tv, iTunes, Google Play, iTunes, CG Digital, Chili.

The movie narrates through the memories of the protagonists, interviewed nowadays, together with the testimonies of that time, an extraordinary moment in the history of our country: the years between the 1968 and the end of the Seventies, during which Italy represented one of the most important centers globally for contemporary art and artists.

Amongst the artists featured, some names that made and make the history of contemporary art: Hermann Nitsch, Marina Abramovic, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Andy Warhol, Luigi Ontani, Alighiero Boetti, Jannis Kounellis.

Hermann Nitsch
La Rivoluzione siamo noi (Arte in Italia 1967/1977)
directed by Ilaria Freccia
12 January - 31  December 2021
Available online on the following platforms:
Apple Tv, iTunes, Google Play, CG Digital, Chili