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Hermann Nitsch (Vienna, 1938) has devised a new form of theatre (Das Orgien Mysterien Theater) without the use of the word, which involves in an IM-mediated way all five senses, in a cathartic representation of life in its extreme aspects: from Apollonian spirituality to the most animal Dionysian instincts. By symbolic abstraction, Nitsch action-painting is born from his sensual and aesthetic theatre.

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NITSCH - from Actionism to painting

From 24/02/2022 To 30/04/2022
Galleria Gaburro, Milano
Exhibition's curator Lóránd Hegyi

Hermann Nitsch. Before and Beyond

From 25/11/2019 To 31/01/2020

Hermann Nitsch. Katharsis

From 30/04/2019 To 30/06/2019
Exhibition's curator Peter Assmann

Hermann Nitsch and the Theatre

From 15/10/2016 To 08/01/2017
Exhibition's curator Hubert Klocker

2x10 Ten artists for our 20-year birthday

From 03/10/2015 To 31/01/2016

Hermann Nitsch. 64th Malaktion (Painting-Action)

From 02/10/2012 To 07/10/2012

Hermann Nisch. Behind the altar of Hermann Nitsch

From 21/11/2009 To 31/01/2010
Exhibition's curator Danilo Eccher

Hermann Nitsch

From 06/10/2007 To 30/11/2007
Exhibition's curator Danilo Eccher

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